About Us

About Hyskore®

Hyskore® Purpose Built Shooting Products are designed and manufactured with the serious shooter in mind. If your aim is to fine-tune the accuracy of your rifle or pistol or you need key accessories, we are focused on developing those products. All our products are manufactured in our factories overseas to our exacting specifications. We do not sell to retail end users. Our products are available from major catalog and retail organizations.


Hyskore® is a registered trademark of:


Power Aisle, Inc.
PO Box 983
Middleburgh, New York 12122
Our Business Hours are 9:00-4:30 M-F Eastern Time
Email Us @: info@hyskore.com


Products Include

  • Electronic Hearing Protection
  • ANSI Rated Protective Eyewear
  • Pistol Storage Racks
  • Long Gun Storage Racks
  • Compression Dampened Sighting Rests
  • Pivoting Pistol Rest
  • Rifle & Shotgun Sighting & Cleaning Vise
  • Parallax Pistol Sighting System