#30003 Precision Rifle Rest


*This Product Has Been Discontinued And Is Here For Reference Only.*

The Hyskore® Precision, Gas Dampened, Rifle Rest allows you to fine tune Gun & Ammunition combinations without shooter induced motion contamination. Follow the instructions to secure the rifle rest to a stable bench and install the remote trigger release and you are ready to see just how accurate your gun is. Unlike other rifle rests that require heavy, inconvenient, weighting and need to be reset after each shot, the Precision Rifle Rest, if anchored to a stable bench, will return to battery, within 3 MOA, after every shot. In addition since the nitrogen filled compression damper responds to recoil just like your shoulder the potential to damage bedding, stocks and recoil lugs is eliminated. The Hyskore® Precision, Gas Dampened, Rifle Rest handles up to 3500 ft – lbs. muzzle energy and / or 50 ft – lbs. of recoil. Remote Hydraulic Trigger Release Included!

If your aim is to achieve a tight group without the discomfort of recoil, our Hyskore® Precision, Gas Dampened, Rifle Rests are the right choice.



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