#30039 Over & Out® 6 Channel LED


This Product Has Been Discontinued And Is Here For Reference Only.*

Our Over & Out® 6 Channel Electronic Hearing Protector with LED Lighting is the most advanced hearing protection available. It has more desirable and functional features than any other hearing protection device.

With true 6 Channel Stereo reception. Each ear pod has 3 microphones, 3 speakers and 3 separate amplification circuits for AV quality reception. Choose either impulse or compression hearing protection with the flick of a switch. The impulse circuit provides maximum hearing protection by stopping transmission to the speakers when outside sounds exceed 85 dB. The compression circuit filters out sounds above 6K Hz (the normal range of human voice). This position allows the user to hear conversation, such as range commands, but filters out sounds like gun shots.

MP3 / Ipod and Communicator input and amplification.

The Over & Out® hearing protector can interface with either an MP3 / Ipod (or similar device) or a communicator (Talkabout or Walkie Talkie). By selecting the MP3 / Ipod position the compression and impulse circuits will not function. Only the MP3 / Ipod signals will be received. Use the Over & Out® Hearing Protectors to amplify the MP3 / Ipod signal. The MP3 function is also active in the compression and impulse modes. Five ultra bright white LED’s light the way to the front. While walking in the dark or when hands free light is required, this is the perfect solution. Three Red LED’s face to the rear to act as safety beacon that clearly identifies and marks the position of the wearer.

If you want the best electronic hearing protection at a reasonable price, choose Over & Out®.

  • MP3 / Ipod and Communicator input and amplification
  • Compression or impulse protection
  • Automatic turn off after approx. 2 hrs of inactivity
  • LED equipped with a multi function selector
  • Five ultra bright white LED’s light the way to the front
  • Three Red LED’s face to the rear as safety beacon
  • Independent volume controls for balancing sound
  • Head band adjusts up to 3/4″ on each side
  • Comfortable AV quality ear and head cushions
  • 250% Amplification


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