#30061 Dead Eye® Managed Recoil Shooting & Varmint Rest


The Dead EyeTM Managed Recoil Shooting & Varmint Rest is designed to be the perfect varmint rest for AR-15 type weapons. The dimensions and geometry of the Dead EyeTM Compliment the straight (no drop) stock, float tube forend, and magazine location. The Dead EyeTM will work with most semi-automatic and bolt action rifles, too. It will accommodate most factory rifle ammunition combinations that are in the hands of American shooters up to, and including, .308/.30-06 factory loads.

Vibration and motion caused by shooting may cause knobs, straps and adjustments to loosen. Check them after every 20-30 shots. Pay special attention to the fittings that hold the gas springs in place.

The Dead Eye® Managed Recoil Shooting & Varmint Rest

  • Provides a rock solid platform that smoothly elevates and traverses.
  • Uses spring and compression damper technology to progressively reduce recoil.
  • By reducing recoil and muzzle rise the shooter is able to keep the crosshairs on target.
  • Even during rapid fire gun returns to battery after each shot.
  • Accommodates high capacity magazines.
  • Recoil strap adjusts for length of pull.
  • Designed to handle all popular calibers from .17 thru .308/.30-06



High cap magazines and pistol grips are no problem


Compression damper absorbs heavy recoil


Coil springs absorb light recoil


Bench grip self-stores in base


Convenient carry handle

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