#30200 Ballistic Wizard® Shooter’s Computer


The Hyskore® Ballistic Wizard® is a hand held digital computer that can be customized to calculate solutions to the practical questions presented by common shooting situations.

There is no need to carry a computer, be online to access calculators or deal with data cards. The Ballistic Wizard® measures 3 x 4.75”, weighs 2.7 oz and fits in the palm of your hand. It computes solutions dealing with gravity, air resistance, energy, velocity, trajectory and range. To make it easy to use, all calculations are managed by function specific buttons.

You will find that the Wizard’s results will differ from those published by bullet and/or ammunition manufacturers or those from online calculators. This is because they all use the Ballistic Coefficient (BC) as a constant to calculate drag (Air Resistance). BC is, in fact, a variable being highest at low velocity and lowest at high velocity. The BC may be accurate for a specific range, but not for any point before or after that range. In other words, BC is good for comparing one bullet to another when they are lined up side by side, but will almost never provide accurate down range performance predictions. The Wizard uses muzzle velocity, a down range velocity and the distance in between and then applies a retardation formula that provides accurate results for all ranges for bullets shot from your gun.

Available at:
Sportsman’s Guide
Cheaper Than Dirt
NRA Store
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