#30252 18 Gun Speed Rack


As we acquire more hand guns, the need for organization and storage options increases. As the leader in hand gun storage products. Hyskore® is pleased to introduce the 18 Gun Speed Rack. The rack can be deck mounted or installed top to bottom in a gun vault. This greatly increases space utilization in gun safes. Out of the box there are 18 barrel inserts that fit .40 cal and larger but they can easily be adjusted to fit guns as small as .32 cal. The entire rack rotates 360º on a heavy duty bearing.

The 18 Gun Speed Rack was designed to provide hand gun organization and storage opportunities in locations that typically would be unusable space. The rack stores 18 guns each one with a maximum weight of 45 oz. which covers everything from a .32 cal up to, and including, model 1911’s.

The barrel inserts are delrin plastic (polyoxymethylene) which is flexible, strong and has a low coefficient of friction. In addition there is an integral collar that protects the muzzle.

The metal parts are welded steel with a durable powder coat finish. The speed rack will efficiently organize your guns for many years.

The weight of 18 guns can easily exceed 45 lbs. Make sure that the surface that you attach the rack to has adequate strength and stability to support the load.

The Rack Is A Perfect Fit In Gun Safes


The Are Multiple Mounting Points On Each Bracket


A Bearing Allows 360º Rotation


Muzzles Are Protected By A Delrin Collar


Deck Mounting







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