#30270 X-Ring® Precision Shooting Rest


At HYSKORE® we carefully follow successful competition shooters at major F-Class, Bulls Eye, Bench Rest, and Long Distance events. You need to observe carefully to see both what is happening and what is not happening, as these are the things that contribute to winning the event. Successful shooters get into position; confirm their cheek weld, their grip, and their finger placement on the trigger, then they maintain this position from shot to shot. In order to do this it is necessary for them to be able to make precision adjustments from the rear of the shooting platform. Typically this can only be done by employing very expensive equipment and / or equipment custom built by the shooter.

The HYSKORE® X-Ring® Precision Shooting Rest allows the shooter to precisely adjust elevation up to 150 M.O.A. The twin helix elevation operates easily with one hand. By turning the knobs in one direction the gun is elevated and by turning it in the other it is depressed. The rest features 3 point leveling. Each leveler is a full 12mm diameter and it is ground to a 135° point so that it securely grips most shooting surfaces. In situations when the rest needs to be placed on a delicate surface it is equipped with protective rubber feet that fit over the points on the elevation jacks.

Each jack is equipped with a locking collar to securely hold it in place. Another key feature of the rest is adjustment security. By virtue of the fact that the elevation is a screw mechanism where the stress is opposed to the thread pitch, once an adjustment is made there is no creep or drift. It positively stays in place until changed by the shooter. The rest is equipped with a foam padded V notch front support and a filled rear “rabbit ear” rest bag. One of the questions that will certainly be asked is, “is it possible to secure the rest with bags of shot or sand to absorb the recoil?” The answer to this is absolutely not! Any attempt to restrain the rest to attenuate recoil will not only cause irreparable damage to the rest, but could also result in injury to the shooter. Needless to say, this type of damage would void any type of warranty coverage.

Available at:
Sportsman’s Guide
Midway USA


 Works well with AR-15 type guns.


Perfect for all long guns.


High capacity magazines and pistol grips are an easy fit.


Precision elevation needs only one hand to operate. Will not creep or drift.


Elevation adjustable padded front gun support.


Leather rear rest bag is included.


3 point locking levelers.

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