#30276 Track And Elevate Varmint Rest


The HYSKORE® Track & Elevate Varmint Rest gives the shooter the ability to make rapid seamless changes in elevation and also pivot the rest to track moving targets or engage multiple targets. These features make it the single most versatile and useful gun support for shooting prairie dogs and varmints. It features an elevation lock up and a preset that make it perfect for range and bench top shooting.

At HYSKORE® we do our best to pay close attention to the needs and objectives of shooters engaged in various shooting related sports. One of the areas that presents a particular challenge is prairie dog shooting where multiple target opportunities present themselves and frequently require rapid target acquisition at varying elevations and lateral dispersions – all of this, while being able to hold the gun steady. The HYSKORE® Track & Elevate addresses these issues in a compact light weight gun support platform. The elevation change up is accomplished by simply pulling or pushing on a lever that smoothly raises and lowers the forward end of the gun. Tracking targets left to right is accomplished by backing off the (4) four elevation and leveling jacks at the corners and engaging the center front pivot so it contacts the bench top, at which point the rest is supported by the forward pivot and the two ball bearing rollers at the rear. This allows the rest to pivot side to side. Between the elevation and tracking adjustments, rapid, precise target acquisition is easily accomplished.

We also recognize that many times varmint shooters want to be able to use the same equipment at the range as in the field so that they are completely familiar with its function and capabilities. There are also instances when a shooter just wants to have a good bench top shooting rest. The Track & Elevate easily accommodates these situations. By using the leveling jacks at each corner the rest can be elevated and stabilized. A truly unique and functional feature of the rest is the ability to lock it at any desired elevation. This is accomplished by a clutch mechanism on the right hand side of the rest. When the clutch is disengaged (the 2 halves of the clutch are not touching) the lever can elevate and depress the gun. When the knob is tightened and the clutch halves are engaged the rest will lock at any desired elevation. When a situation calls for only one fixed elevation there is an adjustable elevation stop. As with most HYSKORE® shooting rests this one has been designed to accommodate all long guns including those with high capacity magazines and pistol grips.

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