#30278 Bench Top 360˚ Armorer’s Vise


The vise rotates 360° around a central axis and has an integral clutch that allows it to lock up at any angle. Guns can be held in any position for cleaning, scope mounting or maintenance. This means you can clean with the muzzle angled down so that cleaning solvents and debris run out the muzzle and not into the action or trigger group. If you have an AR-15, remove the rear take down pin and grip the lower receiver in the vise and the gun will be securely held while allowing full access to all internal parts.

Sometimes it almost feels like it is necessary to have a third hand while working on various guns. In addition, people who really know about guns always recommend cleaning the gun from the breech with the barrel angled down. When cleaning the gun from the breech end you avoid damage to the muzzle crown. In addition, with the barrel angled down all the debris and gunk from the cleaning process run out the end of the barrel and not back into the action and trigger group. The HYSKORE® #30278 Bench Top Armorer’s Vise makes all of these processes easy and convenient for the shooter. Some guns are relatively easy to support during the cleaning process; however, guns like the AR type platform, which are hinged at the forward take down pin are most easily serviced if they are supported in a fixture. The Armorer’s Vise allows you to set the gun at the absolutely perfect angle for easy of cleaning and servicing.

As with all HYSKORE® products the vise is constructed from heavy duty welded steel sections with a powder coat finish. All of the gun contact surfaces have a generous foam pad to avoid damage to delicate finishes and surfaces. The clutch assembly is made from sturdy Delrin that provides excellent function and long service life..

Available at:
Midway USA
Sportsman’s Guide
NRA Store

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