#30282 Center Punch Long Range Shooting Rest


If you frequent shooting ranges and long range rifle competitions you will note shooters use a variety of shooting rests and rest bags to stabilize their gun. Very often you will see a shooter with one rest bag on an elevated stand to support the front of the gun and a separate rest bag on the bench surface that supports the butt stock. The rest bags of choice are, of course, of the rabbit ear design which allows the gun to cycle forward and back easily. The rest bag material of choice is leather and the fill material should be something that is nonorganic, non-degradable, impervious to moisture, and easily helps retain the shape of the bag. Something else you might notice is shooters with oversize rabbit ear style rest bags that support the entire forend of the gun. Both of the above arrangements are not only successful in helping the shooter to achieve results, they are also used by so many shooters in various configurations that the product development team at HYSKORE® came to the conclusion that a gun support system that would give the shooter front and rear independently height adjustable leather, rabbit ear, rest bags filled with inorganic plastic pellets (the same pellets that we use on the rest bags of our #30105 Black Gun Shooting Rest, #30207 Rapid Fire Shooting Rest and our successful #30173 rabbit ear and #30172 universal rest bags) would be an ideal arrangement. Furthermore, if the front and rear rest bags could be linked together and adjustable for separation and then fitted with pointed leveling jacks we would have a bench rest gun support that would suit the needs of almost all bench rest shooters. Finally, adding to that a one hand operated locking elevation system; we would have the best of the best. We sincerely hope that the HYSKORE® Center Punch Articulated Rest System will fit that need.

As mentioned above, the rest features two rabbit ear rest bags each with a rear skirt that extends over hard metal surfaces (to prevent damage to gun stocks) filled with nonreactive, inorganic plastic pellets with a lever operated elevation control that can be securely locked in place with a clutch mechanism. The front and the rear units can easily either be drawn together to form a continuous support surface or separated along polished chrome steel rails to give the perfect separation between front and rear; and since each unit is independently height adjustable, guns with varying stock dimensions and bore to scope axis mountings can be absolutely perfectly aligned and set to the shooters preference.

A lever on the left hand side allows the shooter to smoothly raise and lower the rest.

The elevation assembly rides on oiless linear motion bearings.

The clutch assembly allows the rest to be locked at any given elevation.

The rest is equipped with a custom leather rest bag that is filled with non-reactive plastic pellets.

The rest bag that’s on the elevation platform has a flap that prevents the gun from contacting the metal.

The set includes the Hyskore 30172 Universal Leather Rest Bag for the butt stock.

There is a leveler and locking collar at each corner for precise elevation.

The set includes a magnetic spirit level.

The Center Punch® set gives the shooter a perfect long range bench top gun support system.

The Center Punch® allows enough clearance for guns with pistol grips.

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