#30291 Target Hound


The Hyskore® 30291 Target Hound® has been designed to provide a rugged and versatile field target support system. The base is constructed from welded steel sections and it requires only 4 nuts and bolts for assembly. One of the most important features of this product is that it can accommodate both 2×4 and 1×2 uprights. The 2×4 option provides enough structural integrity so that reactive targets such as steel targets can be supported. The base is constructed from angle iron which can be anchored to the ground by utilizing the holes at the four corners and a 3/8 x 8” lag bolt. The other option is to attach 2×4 stringers (4’ would be a good length) to the angle iron on each side to provide a base that will be stable even on a breezy day. The Target Hound® is set up for 18” width targets which makes it the ideal companion for IPSIC, IDPA, and NRA events. Due to the fact that it’s portable multiple stands can be set up in various configurations to make challenging shooting events.

This type of stable field target support is also the perfect fixture for sighting in rifles. By placing one target at the near zero, typically 25-30 yards from the muzzle, and a second target stand at 100 yards, dead on sighting in can be accomplished in 3-5 shots. The accompanying video will explain how to do this in step by step detail.

The Target Hound® is a perfect portable target system.

The Target Hound® can accommodate both 1×2 and 2×4 uprights.

The Target Hound® is drilled at all 4 corners to allow for stabilizing anchors.

The Target Hound® is designed so that 2×4 stringers can be fixed to the base supports for added stability in windy conditions.

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