#30013 Dangerous Game® Machine Rest


The Dangerous Game® Machine Rifle Rest uses Nitrogen filled compression dampers to absorb the recoil. If the rifle rest is firmly anchored to a solid bench, the gun will return to battery (+/- 3 MOA) after every shot. Since the compression damper absorbs the recoil, in a manner similar to your shoulder, there is no need to worry about damage to stock, bedding or recoil lugs. This is in sharp contrast to other products that require extensive realignment after each shot and offer more resistance that is manageable for the structure of the gun. Each Dangerous Game® Machine Rifle Rest is equipped with one light, one medium and one heavy, factory calibrated, compression damper. There is no equal for sighting in or load testing. By using the remote trigger release, the rifle rest eliminates any human induced motion contamination.

If your aim is to achieve a tight group without the discomfort of recoil, our Hyskore® Dangerous Game® Machine Rifle Rests are the right choice.

Smoothly handles everything from a .223 to a .416 Rigby.
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