#30259 Competition Range Box


If you are an old time bull’s eye competition shooter, you probably remember the days when everybody brought their guns to the range in a Pachmayr competition pistol case which with the addition of the Gil Heberd spotting scope mount was the perfect accessory set up for this sport. For some reason Pachmeyer withdrew from this product line. Then about eight or ten years ago HYSKORE® came out with a similar case, but we also withdrew the item because it could not be consistently made to our standards. This has mostly left bull’s eye shooters in the position of having to find a used case or a custom made case. Just about all the old cases were made from either plywood or MDF with some type of vinyl covering. As good as these materials are they do have service life limitations. At HYSKORE® we have done our best to develop a case that meets the needs of shooters, provides a long service life, and is affordable.

The HYSKORE #30259 Bull’s Eye Competition Pistol Case is constructed from diamond plate aluminum that has been formed and welded to make a case that has superior structural integrity and long term wear characteristics. We have incorporated the following features into this case:

  • A closed cell foam gun support system that will accommodate four (4) scoped competition target pistols including everything from a Browning Buckmark or Ruger Mark II up to and including a Walther GSP.  In addition, there is a web strap that can securely hold all the guns in place.
  • Immediately above the guns is a removable drawer / tray for ammunition, spotting scope, hearing protectors, safety glasses and other accessories.
  • The lid uses a piano hinge for strength and ease of operation.
  • The lid can be held securely in the upright position with a screw thread lock knob. Anyone who has used a pistol case outdoors on a windy day will appreciate this feature.
  • In the closed position the lid is held securely to the case by two (2) toggle twist latches similar to the type used on expensive cargo cases.
  • The set includes a spotting scope mount that can quickly and easily be attached to, and removed from, the lid.
  • The entire set (without guns, ammunition, etc.) weighs in at only 8 lbs.
  • The underside of the case is supported on 4 rubber feet.
  • An industrial spring loaded carry handle is included for ease of transport.

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