#30309 Range Hound®


The Hyskore® T Post target system offers an entirely new approach to hanging both steel and other types of targets. All the fixtures are made from heat treated chrome molly steel that is literally the same material and process used in the turrets of Sherman tanks. Because the fixtures are cast, we have been able to design numerous unique features for hanging and supporting targets. The entire system is T post compatible in addition to working well with rebar and EMT. Since the fittings are cast, they do not suffer hardness degradation due to the heat affected zone created by cutting or welding typical of AR500 fixtures.


8” diameter x ½”/12mm thick steel target that has 3 standard 5/8”/16mm diameter holes for using various types of hanging hardware. In addition, it features 2 clevis chain pin mounts that allow a 5/16” clevis pin to be inserted through a chain link so that the target can securely hang. Weight: 8.5lbs.

  • 5/16-18x 1½”-2 Holes
  • 5/16-18 nuts-2

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