#30028 Spring Pack

For Use With Guns Having 18 ft/lbs Recoil or Less

This accessory will allow the Hyskore #30013 Dangerous Game Machine Rest, and #30088 DLX Precision Rest, to function effectively with light recoiling guns (less then 18 ft/lbs) such as AR-15’s (.223/5.56), 22-250, .204 etc.

To Install The Springs Follow These Steps:

1. Remove the compression damper.
2. Remove the 2 M-12 insert lock nuts on the ends of
the round rails just below the cant adjustments.
3. Slide the springs over the rails and retighten the nuts.

Each Spring Provides The Following Amount of Resistance:

Yellow – 2 lbs/Inch of Travel
Blue – 4 lbs/Inch of Travel
Green – 6 lbs/Inch of Travel

Spring Packs Can Ordered Directly From Hyskore®.
Please Call Us At 631-673-5975. M-F 9:00 am-5:00 pm EST.
Also Available at:
Midway USA

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