Hearing Protection & Safety

Hearing Protection represents an important part of every shooter’s safety gear. Hyskore® has been an industry leader, manufacturing Over&Out® Electronic Hearing Protection for over 10 years. During that time, we have come to the conclusion that there are shooters who want affordable stereo protection with independent volume controls and then there are those who want full features protection with all the bells and whistles, also at a reasonable cost. And that is exactly what we have done. We saw no need to confuse issues with 12 or 15 different modes. Our #30150 is the perfect affordable stereo unit while our #30063 is the most advanced electronic hearing protection available any place.

Eye protection is an important part of the safety items inventory that every shooter should own and use. As we age vision degrades until the point where distant objects are in sharp focus but typically close by objects are no longer crystal clear. This is part of our eyes’ normal aging process and it happens because the surface of the cornea looses some of its curvature and the image now focuses slightly behind rather than on the retina; the result is what we call farsightedness. Every day, over the counter, safety glasses will not compensate for this deficiency. Hyskore® offers two different types of safety glasses that will correct this condition. Our #30237 OTG (Over The Glasses) glasses allow the user to wear his normal prescription or reading glasses and then wear the OTG’s over them so that the wearer has the benefit of their personal corrective lenses and ansi compliant safety glasses.

Hyskore® also offers Bi-Focal safety glasses (models #30238, #30239, and #30240) that respectively offer 1.50, 2.00, and 2.50 magnification levels; through a Bi-Focal pane near the lower edge of the lens. As a shooter, this allows you to look through the upper portion and clearly see distant objects, but when it is necessary to have a sharp view of near by objects it’s easy to focus through the magnification pane.

All of the above glasses are offered in a 2 piece set, 1 with clear lenses, and the other with tint to cover shooting and maintenance activities both indoors and out. They have been laboratory tested to insure compliance with ansi z87.1-2010 high mass impact and ansi z87.1-2010 high velocity impact standards.