#30076 Universal Shooter’s Clamp Set


At some point almost every shooter has a need to mount a spotting scope, umbrella, or shooting rest. The HYSKORE® Universal Shooter’s Clamp Set is a rugged bar type clamp supplied with a spotting scope mount, a foam padded “V” notch gun support, and an umbrella bracket. The clamp opens to 6 3/4″ x 3 3/4″ deep and can be fitted to benches, tables, fences, trees, etc. It is also ideal for video cams, cameras and binoculars.

Works with almost any optical device with a standard 1/4″ x #20 Threaded mount


  • Clamp
  • Gun Rest
  • Scope Mount Set
  • Umbrella Bracket
  • Velcro Web Straps

Available at:
Sportsman’s Guide
Cheaper Than Dirt

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